About us

The group of enthusiasts who was united by the love to garage theme founded Salimoto Mechanics Ltd in 2014. Now top-ranked specialists from different countries work in the company, it allows constantly monitor the situation and see new trends in this field.

We are sure that now only best specialists who enjoy their job work in SM. We are keen on our work and ready to share our experience and knowledge in order to provide best service and product to our clients.

SM company decided to locate the office in Hong Kong because it’s the most successful and profitable way to supply required product to our clients. Production in Taiwan, South Korea, China and Thailand allows us to find solutions for clients promptly and flexibly, to produce and deliver products in the shortest time, control the quality and ensure the best result for the clients. SALIMOTO MECHANICS confident that our experience and partnerships allow you to create the best quality and price solution for your garage space.


The best specialists of SM have been working non-stop on your projects for

24364 hours


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.


Our Service

Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Design and planning

SALIMOTO MECHANICS team constantly monitors all the innovations in this area and you can be sure that if you cooperate with us, we will go with you along all the stages of the process of creating your garage space, from design and planning to installation. Also it is very important for us to continue cooperation and maintain warranty relationship.

Take into account the nature of your business and your location, we will prepare the best solution for a comfortable work. SALIMOTO MECHANICS cooperates with designers and architects, in order to use our products and create favorable conditions for business and private clients in the most effective way.

3D rendering

The SM company attaches great importance to pre-project design, it is a very important point: to give the customer the opportunity to imagine and see a realistic vision of the object, to understand how perfect and accurately his idea and desires can be realized. These processes make it possible to maximize the success at the initial stage of interaction both for the private and commercial aspects.

Experts of SALIMOTO MECHANICS own technologies, which allow to achieve virtually indistinguishable photorealistic images, and help to create a real image of the project.


Qualified specialists are our constant partners perform all installation and commissioning quickly and accurately. We always plan to arrange works in the shortest time in order to minimize the inconvenience to the customers and unacceptable downtime of workshop or business.


SALIMOTO MECHANICS team’s work directed for satisfaction of client’s requirement, and if it’s necessary to make any technical updates, color changes, additional branding, we have opportunities to follow all requirements that beyond standard solution.

Product design

Our advantage is an advantage of our client, and it is an irresistible rule for us.

SThe company is engaged in the constant development of new products, and attentively monitors all the innovations that are being developed in the production of garage equipment and accessories.

SALIMOTO MECHANICS professionally engaged in the development of both the product and all related decisions, including a technological package.


We perform subcontracting solutions for organizations that are engaged in complex equipment, we are able to build business relationships properly and we are aware of possible errors that can be made by non-professionals.

Any expertise and the required certification are necessarily made by our company in order to build a business – relationships most effectively. Production partners of SALIMOTO MECHANICS are selected in the way so that we can quickly and reliably meet the needs of our customers.


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